The Future of Fashion Search is Conversational AI Powered Multi-Modal

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Search as you think, see, speak.

Explore fashion effortlessly with DeepSearch. Search as you think, see, and speak. Describe, show, or chat – find your perfect style intuitively.

Fashion Search Beyond Words

Discover fashion like never before! Our AI-powered Multi-Modal DeepSearch understands the intricate world of fashion nuances, styles, patterns, and colors – all from your descriptive text.

Say goodbye to extensive filters! No more hassle of categorizing, tagging, or describing products. DeepSearch's multi-modality eliminates the need, as it intelligently delves into images to find your perfect match

Your Fashion Guru on Chat

Meet your personal fashion guide! Engage in natural, dynamic conversations with our intuitive chatbot that adapts to your level of detail, whether you're specific or vague in your requests.

Describe, modify, and fine-tune your search effortlessly through ongoing dialogue, just like chatting with a knowledgeable store salesperson.

Get the exact fashion piece you desire, tailor-made to your unique preferences and needs.

Fusion of Vision and Expression

Express yourself! Snap a picture or describe your ideal fashion item, and our AI Search seamlessly blends text and image to pinpoint the perfect match.

Combine the power of words and visuals for a comprehensive search experience that captures your imagination and delivers precise results.

Decoding Fashion Trends

Empower your store with data-driven decisions! Gain deep insights into search metrics, product categories, and user behavior to refine your fashion offerings.

Understand customer preferences like never before. Track trending searches, popular keywords, and even the Average Order Value (AOV) driven by our AI-powered search.

See it in action.

Explore our intuitive demos across various fashion categories – from elegant dresses to trendy tops and tees. Witness the seamless fusion of image and text searches as DeepSearch brings your fashion desires to life.

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